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Put-in-Bay Taxi is a full service Taxi Company that is owned and operated by "Islanders".  Our drivers are professional, prompt, and courteous.  We are the oldest and most established taxi company on the Island doing business since 1978.  We are also the only taxi company running 12 months a year ready to take you to your destination.  We offer several services that can be customized to your needs.  Special event pricing and groups rates can vary so call us to discuss your needs.  NOTE: Island Club guests will ONLY be picked up and dropped off at the Island Club Entrance......1-3 riders $10 flat rate

                                             4+ riders $3 per person



Hotels and Rentals

We offer a full service to take you to and from your hotels and rentals while you are on the island.  We have multiple taxis at the ferrys waiting to take you to your destination or you could call and we will be there waiting for you.

SouthBass State Park

We are the only Taxi service that can take you to and from the South Bass State Park.  We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week during the season so you can call or watch for the Yellow vans driving in the Park to take you to where you need to go. Group rates do not apply.

Dining / Bars / Pools

During your stay at Put-in-Bay call us at any hotel or rental and we will take you to the  downtown dining / bars /pools for your enjoyment and entertainment.  We can also take you to any location that you may need to go.

Events  Service

Planning an event... getting married... having a family reunion... business meeting... or any large group of people that needs to go from place to place on the island.  We can handle very large groups.  Let us handle your transportation needs.

Group Rates

Staying for the week or weekend and have a group.  Call us to discuss group rates.  Group rates apply for anything over 8 fares.  If your group plans to go downtown many times to the pools, bars, or restaurants... call us and we will save you some money with group rates. NOTE: Island Club guests will ONLY be picked up and dropped off at the Island Club Entrance.

Call us NOW for a ride...419-285-6161

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*  Regular Rate is $3 per person - group rates and VIP service EXCEPTION
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